Saturday, February 24, 2024

NorCal Kumite!” Vol. 11: Review


Producer: Modest Moms Wrestling

Models: Zodiac Queen and Tova

“NorCal Kumite!” Vol. 11 – Modest Moms Wrestling

NorCal Kumite! Vol 11 - Modest Moms Wrestling | Clips4sale

 MMW brings us the next installment of the NorCal Kumite!  In this installment MMW favorite Tova faces off with newcomer Zodiac Queen.  In her short time with MMW Zodiac has proven to be a very formable challenge for all the ladies. 

This is a hard-fought battle between both ladies.  Tova is the smaller of the two but puts up just as much fight as Zodiac.  Zodiac was thinking this would be a walk in the park, and you can tell she wasn't expecting this much of a problem with Tova.  From bell to bell this is one of the best bare-knuckle fights in MMW history.  Not a dull moment in this fight.

One of my favorite aspects of a fight is the outfits, and both ladies look amazing in the lingerie they picked out!  This simply adds the excitement of the fight.

This was a personal custom of mine, but I truly believe fans of scripted bare-knuckle boxing will absolutely enjoy this video.  Customs like this are why I will always come back MMW for my custom needs.  

Score 9.5/10

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Mouth Guard Boxing: Review


Producer: Fetishland Studios

Staring: Hannah Perez and Valentina Bellucci

Mouth Guard Boxing - Fetishlands Fight Night | Clips4sale

Fetish veteran Hannah Perez and European porn star Valentina Bellucci come together for one of the sexiest boxing matches of the last 5 years!  Videos like this are why I love this fetish so much.

I'm very familiar with Hannah's work, and have always enjoyed her boxing matches.  She does an amazing job creating fun and exciting matches.  Valentina is very new to me, but I was very impressed with her work in this video.  Both models do a great job creating a sexy and fun boxing match.  The punches don't look weak, and both models do a great job reacting to the hits.  

Valentina seems like a model who picks up very easy to any task.  Scripted boxing isn't easy, and she made it look like she been doing this for years.  Hannah was definitely a great choice to film with.  

The action is exactly how I like it.  Pure back and forth action.  Both fighters look strong, and put on a great match.  So many amazing face hits in this match.  Which are by far my favorite type of hits.  Both made these look very clean.  This is a video I will be enjoying for a while, and will be on my rotation for a while.

Fans of nude foxy boxing will definitely enjoy this video!  I highly recommend you pick up a copy.

Score 8.5/10

Saturday, January 6, 2024

Koven vs Ziva Fey- Topless Boxing Review!


Studio: Hit the Mat Wrestling
Staring Koven and Ziva Fey

2024 is starting off with a bang!  Hit the Mat Wrestling has brought us one banger of a boxing match between up and comer Koven and proven veteran Ziva Fey.  These two battling beauties lace up the gloves and remove their tops for an epic boxing match that is not to be missed.

The match starts off very back and forth.  After a few minutes one of the models takes a bit of control, but lets her cockiness get the best of her. She thinks her opponent is done for, but they make a comeback.  

Koven and Ziva have some of the best on screen chemistry I've seen in scripted fighting content.  They really both bring the best out of each other. Top notch acting from both models on taking punches, and doing a great job with the camera angels.  

This is truly an amazing way to start a new year!  If this is any indication than 2024 will be one of the best years for scripted female boxing.  I can't wait to see what else Koven and Ziva bring us in 2024!

Score 9.5/10

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Krissy Koven vs Bad Bella Boxing review.


Koven's Kastle

Krissy Koven vs Bad Bella - Kovens Kastle | Clips4sale

Koven has taken the fetish industry by storm!  Her latest boxing video is another amazing video in her every growing store.  She has some of the best selection of fetish videos, but her female fighting videos have truly been the highlight for me. 

Her latest boxing match is with porn star Bad Bella.  The action itself isn't what most fans expect, but this video does what it's indeed to.  This is a fun video.  Female boxing videos don't have to be all about the action.  This is a show, and Koven and Bella put on an amazing show!

You can tell Bella doesn't have much boxing experience, but Koven does a great job helping her.  With more practice Bella can also be a huge star in the female fighting industry.  She has an amazing look.  

Fans of foxy boxing will love this video.  I look forward to what Koven makes next!

Score 8/10

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

East vs West: A Strip Boxing Challenge with Cali Logan & Liz Ashley Review


Producer: Cali's Customs
Starring: Cali Logan and Liz Ashley

Click on the photo above to purchase this video! 

Today's review is from the amazing team at Cali's Customs!

Cali Logan has truly been one of the premier creators for scripted female fighting videos!  This video a create example of her work and dedication to her craft! 

One of the aspects Cali is really good at is creating a story with her videos.  This is a rare trait in scripted fighting now of days.  Cali's videos put you into a well laid out storyline.  Cali and Liz create one of my favorite fist fights of 2023!  The action is fast paced, and the hits are hard hitting!  There is very little slow down in the action.  The only times there is no action is when they are stripping off their tops.  Other than that, it's nonstop fighting.

Cali does a great job with the models she works with.  A number of them come in with little to no experience filming a scripted fight.  You can tell Cali takes time to show them the ropes, and makes sure the attention to detail is not missed in her videos. 

Follow the link at the top of the page to make a purchase, and make sure you check out the other videos available on Cali's Gumroad store!  

Video score: 8.5/10

Thursday, October 12, 2023

Krissy Koven vs Brooke Summers Boxing Review!


Producer: Koven's Kastle

Krissy Koven vs Brooke Summers Boxing - Kovens Kastle | Clips4sale

2023 has proven to be one of the best years for scripted female boxing!  We have another stellar video that shouldn't be missed.  Krissy Koven is a brand new producer for scripted female fight, but she has a great history is fetish.  She has created easily one of my favorite scripted fights of 2023.

This is her first female vs female boxing match on her store, and she legit has scored a major knockout!  The action is fasted paced, and the punches look clean.  This was legit Brooke's first time boxing, and she came off looking like a pro.  

One of the hardest aspects of filming a scripted fight is making the punches to the face look real.  Again, these two do an amazing job!  The camera angel is set right, and they do a great job making each and every punch count!  This was a truly an on your seat fight.  It came down to the final minute before we got the first and only knockdown! 

Fans of scripted female boxing should add this to their collection.  It's truly nearly everything you can ask for in a scripted fight! 

Score 9/10

Monday, October 9, 2023

Ryan vs Estelle- Fist Fight 1 and 2 Review!


Studio: Seductive Studios

RYAN VS ESTELLE - FIST FIGHT – Seductive Studios

RYAN VS ESTELLE - FIST FIGHT 2 – Seductive Studios

    Seductive Studios has a long history of making high quality scripted fights.  Two of their latest videos truly show why they are one of my personal favorites in the industry.

Veteran SS model Ryan faces off with newcomer Estelle in two of the best fist fights I've seen in 2023!  Ryan has proven time and time again she is one of these best in the company.  The new girl Estelle proves to be a worthy opponent. 

The action is fast paced in both matches.  The punches look smooth and the reactions from both girls look real.  Seductive Studio takes pride in their work and it truly shows in these fight videos!  They have a smaller production than the bigger names, but this doesn't hold back the quality of their work!  

These videos are also part of their membership site for Girl Fight Champion.  You can join for just $10 a month! Follow link below to join.  

Score 8.5/10

Girl Fight Champion | creating wrestling and fight videos | Patreon